so they say

they take dozens of pictures of innocent civilians they have murdered and/or tortured. they brag about it on facebook, twitter, shitter, and all over the internet. but the one time they allegedly kill the most wanted terrorist, they don’t have a single lousy snapshot. “we dumped him into the sea”.

yea, right. dumped who?  i’m under the strongest impression that osama binladen is just a fictional character.

and until now, i was convinced they went to the moon.

UPDATE: a US senator says she “does not see a need” to release pictures with towelhead’s corpse. she says “the DNA has been dispositive  (?!?!)”. and another prominent US senator somehow hopes that al quaeda will “acknowledge”  the death of binladen, and this would spare the public the trouble of seeing pictures described by the white house as “gruesome”. you got to love those people, always ready to ponder the best interests of everyone in their country and of the whole world.

the more they babble, the less credible the eventual official publishing will be, and the higher chances to see the pics in an unauthorized release.

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