1000 words

warning: hatred post

somehow, hopping from one friend’s blog to another, then to another, i got on this delicate, colorful, feminine blog. i’m returning there quite often. sometimes i find interesting images, and sometimes just indiscrete glimpses into some strangers’ life.

you probably heard times and again the corny wise saying ‘an image is worth 1000 words’. the reverse is there are thousands of images worth a single word: junk. well, the blog i’m writing about has a separate tag to which i inexplicably feel the urge to reply with more than one word. so – why don’t you shoot yourself? with a gun, not with a camera. why would we call ‘art’ a picture that comes out blurred because of poor skills?  why would someone waste time and materials on this kind of crap?

ok. now why a hatred post against a civilized, apparently even kind person? one who has a mild, innocuous mania for photography, while she’s also using it as a professional tool? the answer is – because i can, and because i hate her. i hate her because she can make a living of low-level journalism. by low-level, i mean travel and shit, as opposite to front-line, and real investigations, and relevant op-ed about important issues. i hate her because she still affords going  on with her careless life, while her country and mine are involved in an incipient war against libya, and while japan is struggling against its biggest disaster since wwii. i hate her because she has the time to take thousands of redundant pictures, her ‘way to work’ 1000 times.

i hardly found the time to let off the steam with this post, because the online poker server is closing the games, preparing for a restart in a couple of hours. and i use every available minute to play online poker, while the planet keeps falling apart.

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