you’ll never walk alone

no, mubbie, you are not original. you’re just one in a long, too long gallery.

i intended to add a string of pictures, but this of all posts does not deserve a better look. i’ll just name some of their species, unfortunately adaptable on any continent, to any race and in any century.

louis xvi of france. ceausescu of romania. kim jong il of north korea. mubarak of egypt.

they were all loved by their people, at first, and hated in the end. louis was beheaded. ceausescu was shot. kim and mubbie still think that they’re irreplaceable – all in their species do. you know, ‘if i would leave, there’d be chaos’.

just leave, let others worry about the chaos, ok?

at least, king louie of disney’s jungle book was interested in the secret of fire – he thought it will make him human. mubaraks think they know all the secrets. dumber than monkeys.

too bad there is no god. if there were, then I would be god. and i’d show myself in the form of a finger. a huge teflon finger, coming down from the sky and chasing mubaraks like cockroaches: pftchlrt!

(why teflon? because cockroaches’ guts wouldn’t stick to it – a quick rinse in the ocean and My hand would be clean.)

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