the ultimate chuck norris joke

chuck norris wears a cowboy hat.

distant memories

i was watching a western with clint eastwood – surprisingly, i haven’t seen all 1014 of them yet.

at one time, he lit one of those long, slim cigarettes – and i had this flashback.

pesto alla genovese

perhaps you remember my basil. tonight, it ended up in a very traditional recipe. i harvested the 2 big bushes and 2 small ones, leaving just enough branches and leaves to allow it regrow before real autumn comes. as local supermarkets seem to ignore the pine nuts, and there are no pines for hundreds of miles around here, i used almonds. and instead of parmigiano, a local hard cheese. now all i need is a fly swatter to keep everyone away from it.

and, as usual when i poke my nose into the kitchen and decide to prepare something myself, i spared ol’podna the trouble of cleaning the mess. not only am i a brilliant cook, i’m also the sweetest guy. and modest, with that.

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