my fault

out of the office for a couple of days, i still needed internet access for a boring, useless service i had promised to a friend. so my brother borrowed me his – he has one, but virtually never uses it. i don’t have one, as i step out of my office as seldom as possible (see the About page).

after the brief period out of routine – i can hardly call it a vacation – i left the precious gadget and the mobile network stick to my father. and when my (younger) brother went to pick it up, the bad luck stroke: a truck slightly rubbed  his front right fender. enough to throw his front left wheel into the brand new concrete curb of the roundabout where it all happened and make a shit out of the steering gear of his 1-year old t*yota (no advertising, huh?).

short digression: the truck driver didn’t even notice it and went on. another truck coming behind called him back by radio. apparent luck – the trucker and my brother have the same insurer. effective bad luck: the truck was foreign, and the corresponding local insurer was a different company. a whole mess to have the damage assessed, before the repairmen can touch anything.

conclusion: “it’s all your fault, doh!”. guess who said that to whom.

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