what are friends for?

first, he knows better. i explain – he doesn’t listen.

no, i skipped too much of the background: first i helped him carry his stuff from his mother’s to a rented apartment. small elevator down, narrow stairs up, fridge and desk and bags of rags – the whole nine yards, and lumbago on the top. just for the sake of it – after a couple of months, he moved back to his mom.

but that was long ago and forgotten. more recently, i sweat half of a weekend day to help him set up his new furniture into his new studio.

and now, when outside it’s like one hundred degrees or something, and you could cook an egg under your hat, he kindly asks me to go supervise the A/C fitters. i mean, the same guys who did a lousy job in the first place, because he asked them to do it his way. he could have it done properly – i explained how, he didn’t listen.

so he sits in his office, paid by the hour, and having enough time to spend on messenger. and he asks me to leave my office, where i try feeding a family and where no one pays me if i don’t work.

he can take a day off for a long weekend with his gf when he feels like it. his gf too can take a day off for riding his bike. he spent about half this morning pestering against a moron office mate, who spent about half this morning talking on the phone to his moron wife. he reproduced their moronic conversation word by word. but he can’t take two hours off that lousy corporate office to get his A/C right after the disaster he invited by not listening.

and when i said no, he started calling me names. and he kept doing it. and i kept saying NO, i won’t go.

of course i didn’t go. later, he will probably say it was a joke.

so what are friends for? for calling them names, even if they aren’t actually that bad. after all, i could have posted the A/C pics here. because the real joke is the hole they left in his roof, and the patched support they built on his balcony.

4 Responses to “what are friends for?”

  1. wrongname Says:

    i gave you instant coffee, i gave u water, i gave u something to gaze to… this is how u thank me…
    why don’t u buy yourself a car with A/C as a basic feature? 😀

    my note: this is plainly stupid 😛 of course it has A/C and many other features that the trash can u use as an umbrella when you can’t ride your SH bike only dreams of.

  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    i had to BEG for a cup of instant coffee and a sip of water. the view, on the other hand, is one of the reasons i didn’t post the pictures. the other reason being, of course, my good heart.

  3. wrongname Says:

    so why u’r complaining about the hundred degrees? get yo ass in the fancy car and help your good friend in need

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