how did they find me?!?!

recent visits on my blog: several ‘blogs’ promoting student loans, easy credit, forex trading et ejusdem farinae.

i wonder what do they think/want/hope. i’m definitely not within their target.

but most of all – how did they find me? automatically scanning for some keywords? too easy. what if they have programs that build psychological profiles using more subtle parameters, related to the subjects, style, frequency of posting and 1000 other things i can’t even think of?

so i guess i look like an immature (student), rich (forex), but overspending (loans) health-obsessed (fitness) american.


2 Responses to “how did they find me?!?!”

  1. Violet Says:

    At least wordpress has a spam folder. Although it’s quite annoying when you see your comment count is up – I get excited at that – but then it’s useless spam. Clicking delete permanently feels good though 🙂

  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    well, how did YOU find me? 🙂

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