first profits

after several months of playing online poker based on luck and gut feelings, i started to study the game. seriously. i was a decent player for a table of pals, but for tournaments, it’s a whole different story. i managed to get in the money on many tournaments, but never for more than 6-7 times the entry.

so my balance was in the red, i.e. the ROI was negative. this is because ol’podna transferred money from her account to mine, a couple of times, when i got broken (again).

oh, i didn’t invest one penny to start. all the money i ever made playing online came from a couple of freeroll tournaments, and then from multiplying the few cents in tournaments with paid entry. my account only reached more than $10 once, when i risked heavily at sit-and-go tables, where all the lotto players throw all-in whenever they see an ace, or even when they don’t. so the ten bucks didn’t last long.

considering the money i could earn working the same amount of time, poker is a very expensive game. in the best case, my productivity was on the order of cents per hour, while the lost income is hundreds of times higher.

recently, by applying only the simplest recommendations in a poker course, i noticed a serious increase of my winning rate. i kept playing 10-cent tournaments (mostly) and freerolls, but i finished in the money more and more often. and then i managed to reach the final table in a tournament with 3000 players, and i ended up on the second place.

more than $30 for a 10 cents investment – buffet, soros, gates, where are you? 🙂

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