drive. relax

the car is falling apart, too. well, not badly, but it’s now four years old, and both me and ol’podna used it to learn driving. it has a scratch here, an indent there, a big crack in the windshield, and the last time i looked under the hood, the insulation was off the pins. whatever.

it’s one of the rare occasions i’ll be out of the office for the weekend, and perhaps a couple of days more. looking forward to the couple of hours, couple of hundreds of miles, even to the noisy chatter and inevitable complaints in the back. ‘he started it!’ ‘no, you started it, liar!’. ol’ podna next to me, watching the speedometer and frowning when she thinks that a pass is risky.

always hoping that the better days will return and i’ll have again the chance of longer rides while we’re still all together. there are not many years left until it won’t matter anymore.

4 Responses to “drive. relax”

  1. Róisín Says:

    My car is almost fourteen years old now. I’ve grown rather attached to him and even gave him a Star Wars-themed name! When you grow an attachment to an old car, it’s worrying to imagine driving a brand new and probably larger one. On the other hand, I’m sure I could quickly adapt to a Ferrari 🙂 One thing I’ll never changing to is automatic gears – For me, it’s manual gearstick all way!

  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    i drove an automatic gear model only once…. and i could quickly adapt to it 🙂 it was a biiiig executive-type mercedes

  3. Róisín Says:

    I just prefer the whole driving experience a lot more when driving on manual 🙂 Ya know what I’d love to drive? A Lamborghini Reventon.

  4. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    i couldn’t. i mean, not in a decent way. i had my driving license at an older age, and i don’t have enough experience – in fact, i have just enough experience to know that i couldn’t get much out of a sports car …

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