connected to the world

f*ck the ISP.

f*ck their area monopoly.

f*ck their hotline. and the messages on their hotline – about promotions. when i call from my mobile, because my phone line is also from the ISP, and it fails together with the internet connexion.

f*ck their distribution boxes, ready to drown whenever it rains.

f*ck their CATV, with my favorite channel set by default in another language than the rest, and requiring just 3 more button pushes every time i zap there.

f*ck their bandwidth of “up to…”.

f*ck their management, their cashiers, and their phone operators who tell you to send an e-mail.

f*ck the neighbors who don’t agree to allow the competitors in, because it would add another set of holes in the staircase floors. well, f*ck this ISP’s holes – all of them.

One Response to “connected to the world”

  1. wrongname Says:

    f*ck the vuvuzelas and thanks for sharing mwahahahaha

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