origins of the v (word of the day)

widely circulated these days, the images about the origins of the vuvuzela (or here). good one, huh? but it’s not true.

the much-hated noise source – currently made in china – used to be an instrument for healing the sick people. no, seriously. people sick of their in-laws nagging take a vuvuzela and ask a friend to blow it directly to their ears for the necessary time, until they stop hearing. it’s a very effective relief.

advanced users: stop the treatment before complete deafening. this way, you can hear just what you please.

One Response to “origins of the v (word of the day)”

  1. Tara Says:

    Hahaha! I had a feeling that the rest of the world was not going to take to kindly to our favourite plastic trumpet!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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