there’s no such thing as a free meal / seal / veal

i could, of course, write to’s support . i doubt it would help.

do you like this feature of wordpress that adds ‘Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)’ after your posts? does it make sense to add links to long-ago posts about entirely different things, or even, in some cases, to ‘404 page not found’ pages? does it help anyone browsing? or finding things?

hmm. free. this is the keyword. if you want extra tricks, you have to pay. i can understand that. if you want your blog free of ads you didn’t ask for, you have to pay. that’s ok too, up to some point. as long as it’s free, you can’t complain. they have to make money out of it, or they would shut it down.

ever been in those nice italian restaurants where you find free grissini on the table, and you can crunch as many as you want while studying the menu and waiting for whatever you order? so they’re free – you can eat them or not. imagine they would add next to them some turkish delight and a cup of custard-like infant food. you can’t eat that, even if you have strange ideas about appetizers. you can’t even touch them – they’re there only as free decorations. you think it’s yucky? you can pay to have them removed.

there are already many disparate things in most blogs. many people use tags and categories, still without dedicating the whole blog to one theme. they write about themselves, one way or another, and the result is often quite inconsistent. let’s add more confusion, using some search engine to find ‘related posts’ on other blogs!

must be a sales trick after all. definitely. some whiz came with the idea: let’s drive them cheap bastards crazy, surely there’ll be one in a thousand to give up and spit an extra buck to get free of our spurious noise.

a blog like this is based mostly on words. they only added a few, nothing wrong, they might think.

suppose you have a blog based on images. to the pictures you consider worth showing to others, they would stick a couple of thumbnails with ‘asses that might look like yours’.

extend that to youtube. you upload a clip with a song of your own. ok, you’re not the new pavarotti singing while you’re playing the guitar like jimi hendrix. you’re just trying something and wanted to share it, god knows why. imagine they enrich your tune with free vuvuzelas – some search engine has decided ‘this might sound like you yodeling under the shower’.

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