hatred post about maradona

i grinned when, after one goal of argentina in the group, the whole staff on the bench gathered in a pack to rejoice, and he was left out. after a ridiculous attempt to join the group, jumping at the asses the other had turned to him, all he could do was face the field and show his teeth to the cameras – as if he had any merit.

i hate maradona. i’m not going to say anything new or original, absolutely nothing. i just hate his guts. irrationally, wrongly, disproportionately. his place should have been in a jar filled with alcohol, right after he was born.

because he’s short. little more than a dwarf. i hate the ambition of those shorties who need to prove.

because he is and he always was ugly, with his hunchback and his ridiculous belly for the balance.

because he’s laughable. he’s as unfit in that suit, as the pope in bermudas.

because he knew so well to play the ball with his feet, he needed an extra-one. hand of god?!?! boo, chimp!

because he was a cheater. they caught him too late. he was a despicable drug addict, which can explain many of his ‘exploits’.

because he received the coach position on a silver plate. what did he accomplish beforehand in training to deserve that?!

because he posed next to fidel castro. and fidel castro is little different from the other idiot mentioned here.

because with all that, argentina might slay germany, or even win the cup, of course.

none of these would justify hatred, if taken separately. on the other hand, when you put them together, they make up the most intolerable result: an overestimated buffoon, whom idiots often call ‘a genius’.

6 Responses to “hatred post about maradona”

  1. Alan B'Stard M P Says:

    hand of God my foot! Cheating bastards more like

  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    you killed me on your blog, with that comment: “How can it be racism when the English kids are black as well as white.” 🙂 now ain’t that racism, mentioning nothing about the asian english???

  3. brunop Says:

    Ha! 1986 was just like this year – it was finally the year that England’s hunt would be repaid with honor! Francis, Lineker, Barnes – the class of England would surely show!

    Except England couldn’t score one measly goal against Argentina. And while the little thief stuck one past the flat-footed dunce named Shilton with his hand, he also skinned your entire slow, half-assed team for the winner.

    I hate him, too. But mostly because of his immeasurable ego, his self-adulation, and his ridiculous fame-hunger fight with Pele. You say he’s ugly? He’s kinda average I suppose, though I don’t claim to be a good judge of men. Short? Really, can you be more silly?

    And in the end, what you really hate is that a short fat man from Argentina was three times the player of any person England has ever produced. Except for another short, fat, ugly man named Paul Gascoigne – who is about half as good as Maradona was.


  4. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    first of all, england isn’t ‘my’ team. my team didn’t even make it to this world cup. i’m always with england until they’re out, i couldn’t say more on why than i already said in a previous post

    now about ugly – it’s an opinion. my opinion.

    short? it’s a plain fact. he’s 1 m 65, i.e 5 ft 5″. i could eat cherries and spit the pips on his head.
    in the end, as you say, what i really hate is a man from argentina – you’re right; and a clown – i’m right too, he’s (over*)paid to entertain people, so he’s sort of a clown.

    * that’s an opinion, again

  5. Merty Says:

    I don’t hate Maradona. I think he was the best player in the world for a few years, but that doesn’t get him the “Best Player Ever” award in my book. Sure he won the ’86 World Cup almost single-handedly (handedly), and that’s part of the rub. He goes down in my estimation a bit by cheating to win.

    Maradona would complain loudly about all the tackles he took, said it was unfair… but then isn’t using your hand to score a goal also?

    But here’s one thing I love about him: He hates the media in his country, and he gives them a TON OF CRAP each and every time his team wins. I LOVE that about him. When Argentina qualified for the WC he told the gathered media that they could s**k his c**k. On. Live. Television. And then he had the presence of mind to apologize to all the female viewers out there. HA HA HA!! That is hilarious.

  6. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    @merty: heh, that’s a good one 🙂 i don’t follow all his moves, otherwise i would have known.
    so he hates the media, huh? how original 😀 and when argentina was qualified, he felt revenged. someone should have replied that they succeeded IN SPITE of maradona, not DUE to him.
    i wonder if that suit of him glows in the dark.

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