missing details


if only he had ankles, he could be a football player.

and if that uruguayan had eyes, he could be a referee.

3 Responses to “missing details”

  1. Merty Says:

    Tragic call (no call) today. Appalling. However, the better team won. Amazing symmetry with 1966. What little video there is of that shot seems to show that the ball didn’t cross the line, and that decision handed the WC trophy to England.

    When Beckenbauer is asked about that game, he doesn’t complain about the goal, he simply says that the better team won. It’s very graceful. The same thing could be said about today. Poor referee decision, and it changed the game.

    But the better team won on the day. The Ref didn’t have anything about those 4 goals England let in.


  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    not even the most fanatic england fan can deny that germans were better today. as for the symmetry with 1966, i wasn’t even born 🙂
    what i didn’t mention in my post – which is merely a joke about rooney’s lack of finesse – is capello’s blindness today. if the germans hadn’t choose to replace mueller, he could have scored twice more from similar actions.

  3. lifestartsnow Says:

    lol, true!

    thanks for stopping by on my blog

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