basil – keeping the hope alive

on the office’s balcony, i have a few pathetic flowerpots. there’s a lemon tree in continuous agony, grown directly from a pip; a couple of cranesbill tufts; a persistent shrub of japanese camellia with a long history; and recently, three or four stems of basil. i thrown some seeds from a dry bunch of basil, just to see – and they sprouted beautifully. i don’t know if it’s exactly the sweet basil, or more like holy basil or something – and i don’t care much. it’s ok for the tomato sauce, in any case.

now i’m not going to turn to urban agriculture. actually, i was very reluctant at first when i was forced by the circumstances to adopt some apartment plants. now that rubber fig is more than 7 ft high; i had to cut off the tips to stop him growing, secretly hoping that this way he will grow more branches (it doesn’t). i keep him inside – it’s now too heavy to be carried out for the summer, and i noticed it doesn’t like the heat and direct sunlight very much.

i won’t post pictures of the cheap plastic pots. i just – i don’t know. i love visiting my basil in the evening, and smelling his leaves, and watering it. i still hope that the office will relocate some day somewhere on the countryside, in the hills or even higher in the mountains, and from my terrace, through the basil leaves, i’ll watch a plum-tree with the plums covered in that pale blue frost that promises an excellent double-distilled brandy.

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