oh it’s no feat to beat the heat

it’s way above 90 °F. they say a wave of hot air, charged with sand, is coming from sahara. inevitably, the stupid verse came to my mind. not like in the title – i always remember the translation i read as a teenager. it’s from a dark sci-fi short story written before i was even born, by an author who died shortly after i first heard his name. just like that android, the heat drives me nuts, and smoking in the office with the AC on is not a reasonable option… ‘honey….’*.

* it’s not (just) what you think. it’s also the final verse of the mad android’s song. and i still think the translation is better fitting there than the original. it happens more often than you think for the fiction prose, but it’s rare for poetry. in this specific case, the translator chose to ignore completely the original, and just make up another poem on a similar theme. or maybe for him or her – i never cared about translators’ names those days, and it’s too hot right now to search for the book and check it – it was, too, a flashback of the memory of a summer.

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