falling apart

the whole !@#$%^&*&^% office is falling apart. door knobs, light switches, floor covering, tiles in the bathroom, not to mention the  !@#$%^&*&^% painting and the entrance door. if i’d look over my left shoulder, i’d see the blue stain left on the wall by a squirt of red wine, two years ago, when i couldn’t find a corkscrew and i forced the cork into a bottle. the marvels of chemistry: in time, red wine always turns ink blue. oxydation. i know the stain is there, staring at me like a small, evil pig’s eye.

it’s like a curse, once a couple of items started the process, the rest came in a series, and it’s likely to continue.  the trend seems to grow faster. i’ve not enough time to fix the 1000 broken things. i’m stuck here, in my swivel chair, at the computer, trying to keep up the pace – making money versus tax raises. i can’t decide myself into spending a couple of thousands on restoring and refurbishing. tough times. i hardly found the energy to write about it.

2 Responses to “falling apart”

  1. A Word From Mars Says:

    Fantastic! This made me laugh out loud!

  2. the bizzle in the pizzle Says:

    well, not me 🙂 but i’m glad if it helped

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