where’s that nobel prize?

i just discovered the cure for hangover. it’s a forced oxygenation of the brain. works best if obtained by 10 hours of non-stop work, beginning with a user’s manual written in engrish by someone who didn’t understand what it was about, and ending with the calculation of a bunch of invoices. multitasking helps – for instance, dealing with the friends who are in the mood for chatting on ym or sending you links to funny stuff on the internet.

alternately, you can, of course, just wait for  600 minutes. chances are that it fades out by itself.

mmm…nope. some tasks just can’t wait. here in the office, i’m the boss, so i just ordered the work done. and done it was, by my model employee, who never says no to a task. of course, here in the office, the only employee is ‘sincerely yours’.

so that’s how i got to this breakthrough in the medical science, while the classic nasty dwarf was on the way to his own breakthrough between my ears.

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