i happened to find out about this webcast event about a new hybrid drive for laptops. they (no names – as i said in an earlier post, i can’t afford lawyers) – were claiming performances at ssd level for the price of a hdd, or something like that. so be it, i don’t give a damn, i’m not a gamer, i can live without their drive.

the thing is, they were offering three laptops as prizes just for attending their ‘event’. i spent nearly one hour hoping to hear my name. of course i didn’t win shit. meanwhile, i was looking at the lousy¬†webcam images of the speakers – a not so young lady, an old fatty dude, a kind-of-a-rapper, and a young fatty geek. they were all excited about their shit, and you were supposed to listen when the lady called a winner.

and the second winner’s name was something like van-der-spock. rotfl… mwahahahaaa… jerry seinfeld’s pal, kramer, instantly popped out of my memory – wearing a scarf, pretending to be a tycoon, smoking a pipe, and calling himself vandelay.

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