this is not a monday

as yesterday was the pentecost, everybody got a holiday today (?!). it’s a public holiday, since our parliament, in its wisdom, decided so – i.e., last year. it’s the first time we have this extended week-end, which is absolutely fabulous. y’know, the government just announced a 15% cut of all the pensions, and a 25% cut of all the wages of public employees. and they might also let go up to a quarter of million of these people over the next year. (no, it’s not greece – but close enough).

and they just had a huge protest meeting in front of the government building a couple of days ago. they’re also planning a general strike this week. today it’s like a rehearsal. nobody works. the private employers who needed to call people to work today have to pay them double. the train and bus drivers, etc. who had to work anyhow are paid the double, too – right when the public expenses must absolutely be cut. great holiday.

i had to look in the encyclopaedia to see exactly what this pentecost is about, and i bet 90% of my fellow countrymen have only a vague idea about it. all they know it’s that it’s a biiiiig christian festival. maybe they’re right to drink and feast like there’s no tomorrow. actually, for most of the poor idiots there isn’t.

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