so, “lately, in the office”, i started playing online poker. it’s time consuming, it’s addictive, it’s a threat to one’s work deadlines. but man, i tell ya – 20 cents won after hours in a tournament feel like 2000 dollars earned by the sweat of thy face. until your credit card gets rejected at the supermarket, that is.

let me tell you something about this poker site – no names, of course, i can’t afford the necessary lawyers in a label action. i laughed like a hyena when a player cursed the bastards ’cause “they don’t use a random card generator”. and i know that it’s virtually impossible for anyone to control each of the thousands of hands played simultaneously at all the sit-and-go and tournament tables. yet sometimes… ya know. how the **** can  you lose for two or three straight days like this? you play AA against AK, you see a K on the turn and another one on the river. you play AK, the other guy has AA.  you play two reds for a flush, the other guy has clubs and the flop is three clubs. then you play two clubs, you’re lucky enough to get two pairs or three of a kind, and they split your money between two lucky bastards with straights. ok, it can happen once, twice, twenty times – the theory of probability says it can happen forever. but even though – seven tournaments in a row? gimme a break…

not to mention all the russians who seem to think that “all in” is the only conceivable way of betting. every single god-given hand, right from the opening, till they’re kicked out.

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